Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

Second time playing this, now with the asymmetrical corporation cards. I won, big (I’m the red sprawl all over the map), but I’m not sure I really earned it. Started with a strong corp, had a strong first draw, lots of luck meant I ended the game with +38$ money production. And that means I really didn’t need other resources.

Looking forward to playing again with the Corporate Era cards, which nearly doubles the size of the deck and probably doubles the length of the game. It’s just such a neat engine / tableau game. Probably my best recent buy.

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  1. I highly recommend starting with a draft… Instead of dealing 10 cards to everyone at the start… Deal 6, draft 5 of those passing left. Then Deal 6 more and draft 5 passing right. Then buy from the 10 cards you drafted… Ensures a much more equal start. Give everyone their 2 corps before the draft, but they don’t decide until after. Adds about 10-20 minutes to the game but well worth it.

  2. Yanni Cooper we drafted but not on the setup turn. I can see it helping, yeah. We played with three last night and the drafting wasn’t onerous.

  3. If you’ve gotta pick between initial draft, and during draft, I recommend initial… A bad start can mean more than occasionally drawing a bad card. That said, I do like drafting an extra card (so in normal research we draft 4 of 5 cards.

  4. It looks like a big deck, but you’ll get through it pretty quickly. I really like this game – it’s nothing innovative or amazing, but the way the various pieces fit together was immensely satisfying.

  5. It plays pretty well w/ two players and solo… though Solo is very hard! For two players drafting is much more important to ensure a fair game!

  6. Something I like: there’s real science in the game but it’s not as overwhelming as High Frontier. I adore all the crazy ideas side by side.

  7. Keith Stetson those trays are amazing. I’m in for five of them! Grey with stickers, damned things are nearly as expensive as the games themselves.

    I swear I should buy a 3D printer just to save money on boardgame bling. I’ll bet someone is posting up files for this stuff.

  8. There are a bunch of them on Thingiverse. They’re too big to fit on my printer, though. So YES you should get a 3D printer, but don’t get one with a smallish build area.

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