I never really feel smart enough to play this, which is a weird feeling because I usually don’t doubt my smarts. Somehow pulled out a victory yesterday playing a little pre-game.

It honestly might all just be luck. Or it takes seven-dimensional thinking and my poor aging brain is calcifying in such a way that I just can’t keep enough pattern visualizations in my head.

9 thoughts on “Tash-Kalar”

  1. Love this game but it’s in my pile to sell. Another one where marketing killed it. Put out the game, months later say that game was crap because reasons so put out new edition, then make the expansions only work with the new version.

  2. Oh jeez is that what happened? I haven’t followed it at all. I bought the original game (which is great and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise) and, like…one expansion. Some ice-themed deck.

    How are the expansions only compatible with the new edition? Is it all detailed at BGG? I was just thinking it’d be cool to get some more decks.

  3. This was all some time ago. I know that to use the expansions you need to buy an Upgrade Pack (or the new printing of the game) that was enough to steer me away from the game.

    Here’s what they changed:

    The central board.

    The play score boards for all four factions.

    The tokens for units for all four factions.

    The Flare Cards

    The Task Cards.

    So what’s that? Everything? Now it may just all be component upgrades. I don’t remember.

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