Suck my space dust, Empire!

Suck my space dust, Empire!

Glorious victory for General Bee-klee in the Yuggamat Sector ($24 for an oversized mat on Amazon and it is precisely the right size).

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  1. 1) A grippy mat is genius for this game.  SO many bumped minis…

    2) They made an Imperial Cruiser?!? (though not to scale which would probably have been pool table-sized or bigger relative to an X-wing…) I stopped paying attention after the first two sets.

    off to interweb searches

  2. So the one time I played this? I hacked it to simplify it for my 6.5 y.o. And found that the star destroyer was super powerful. Essentially powerful enough to wipe my CR90 and nebulon-B off the mat in a single volley.

    Is it that powerful or did I just hack it badly?

  3. It’s a very tough ship, yeah. Rolls a lot of dice.

    I scraped together a kill with the big Frigate there (and some neat synergies in upgrade cards I totally lucked into; didn’t spend much time studying optimal combos or anything) and a lot of harassing fire from the fighters. B-Wings sealed the deal!

  4. Ah. Okay. Good. I left out all the special character cards and didn’t have the frigate on the table for simplicities sake. And I wasted my X-wings on the tie fighters.

    I’ll play the hack again with him and see how it works out.

  5. I’ve had good success harassing a Star Destroyer with Corvettes. The key is to take advantage of Speed 4 and the extra turn maneuvers allow to race past and get behind. Not likely to take it out, but the great defensive strength of the SD is the ability to shift shields so hitting the shields from behind will wind up reducing the shields somewhere else. At one point I was literally flying circles around the thing. I think I was on my 3rd orbit before a miscalculation left me square in its front arc at black range and I went poof.

    If one of the simplifications was removing obstacles and objectives, then IME that will give advantage to the Empire. The Rebels have superior maneuverability in most Wave 1 ships and I’ve found that means obstacles are your friend and the location specific objectives are easier to score. Without those the Empire can slow drive the SD through the middle of the board and, yeah…that’s tough to take down. But then its an SD.

  6. Ralph Mazza thanks for that point. I did ignore the objectives part of it completely and just tried to duke it out with the ships in the core set.

    I will try objectives next time out. 

    (Edited for spelling).

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