Star Wars: Rebellion

Star Wars: Rebellion

Played hooky today and got in my 5th or 6th, can’t remember, play of Rebellion. I think I’ve gotten in an even number of Imperial and Rebel plays. Today I was the Rebellion.

Very, very tense game! Against a new Empire player! It was also probably the most true-to-canon game yet: bad guys blew up a system to make a point, the Rebels blew up the Death Star with a one-in-a-million shot (which, if you have the eponymous card, is a sure thing), and what looked like a steady and implacable march toward Empire victory swing at the last possible moment in the Rebellion’s favor. Yay us!

That ridiculous stack of grey plastic is parked one system away from the rebel base. That’s where we made our brave stand.

It may have also been the first time I’ve won with the Rebels since my very first play. Man the odds feel stacked against them. The fact I largely won because I was against an inexperienced Empire player did not go unnoticed.

Still feeling very good about this purchase. Loving that it’s a big event game but not laden with the cruft of say Twilight Imperium or COIN.

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  1. So completely different from Twilight Imperium to not even be close to the same type of game. Rebellion is a darn good game from the one time I played it. I wouldn’t mind playing again. But given the choice, if I had the option to play Rebellion with one, two or three others, or play Twilight Imperium with a full number of players, I’d take TI nearly every time.

    Both are darn good games. Both leave you with some stories to tell. But the feeling of accomplishment from winning a Twilight Imperium game far overshadows the feeling of winning a Rebellion game. Both make you feel good, but TI makes you feel SUPERIOR!

  2. Rebellion certainly feels like the odds are stacked against them. Also it’s not a multiplayer game. But still a good game and I need to get in another play from the rebel side.

  3. Matthew Sanchez I’ve only played it as a 2p, and it’s def my favorite game in that rather specialized space (2p and beefy). Mage Knight is a close second and may come back into first place if I get an adventure yen. But for now, yeah, this is about the only game I’ve got that scratches this itch.

    I’m selling off my Tide of Iron, actually, which is also in this space. But good god the setup…the setup. Same with Battlelore, which again I absolutely love but never touch. Dunno! TBH I think it’s the relatively quick, like 10ish minutes, setup for such a full meal that’s the killer combo.

  4. Haven’t played this (yet.. ☺️) but whenever I read something like your post I think about War of the Ring. Obviously very different games, but I’m hearing the same kind of odds stacked against the rebels as they are for the free peoples. What do you guys think?

  5. Yes it is definitely Star Wars of the Ring. Mechanically, not at all similar. But the obsession with creating specific, non-generic, mechanics designed to capture as perfectly as possible the feel and theme of the material…and only then worry about the game part…is completely the same.

    In fact it’s telling that it becomes obvious how much deeper and more complex Lord of the Rings is as a mythology than Star Wars, by how much deeper and more complex the respective games had to be to capture their nature.

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