Star Trek Ascendency

Star Trek Ascendency

Five players, stupid big sprawling game for our learning session. We’re about halfway into this ridiculous game, which is simultaneously awesome and too much.

My foolish idiot Federation bureaucrats let some very nice Klingons into their space and got instantly punished. The Romulans sat around growing unimpeded and became what appears to be an unstoppable Juggernaut. The Ferengi are super weird, pooping out franchises all over the galaxy. The Cardassians are … brooding, I think. Waiting for their turn.

It’s great but just completely bonkers. Very random, very colorful, occasionally frustrating.

9 thoughts on “Star Trek Ascendency”

  1. Moe Tousignant turns out that is a very open question on the forums as it applies to four and especially five players.

    If we had it to do over again we’d be harder core about the 5″ space available behind the homeworlds. The Romulans kind of abused the loose play area and built a big sprawling back 9. Filled with phenomena, luckily, and not unchallenged production.

  2. A good game, but it does have the problem of player elimination (or being reduced to the point of inconsequence, which I have been as the Federation). The Star Trek feel is strong in this game, though.

  3. Wow, that is some sprawl. I mean, I have games that are table hogs, but they at least use the space (im looking at you talisman). That really looks like a lot of wasted room.

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