I’ve left this on the shelf for…maybe a year, now? I think I felt frustrated with multiple back to back losses and took my ball home. But we busted it out last night with all the expansions, thinking maybe it’d be fun to spool up the Rise of Fenris campaign once folks knew how to play with all the various bits and bobs. I even played pretty well! But we had to cut it short about 2/3 of the way into it.

The big new thing from the last time we played was the airships from The Wind Gambit. I had eyeballed them as not really adding much. Oh but they sure do: each game, you get one active and passive power that, in the basic iteration, applies to all the airships. Later you can deal out power sets to each faction so everyone has unique airships. Ay caramba!

More important, I think, is that you can build wherever your airship is. And airships, which usually move more than 1 hex right out of the box, ignore rivers and lakes. So that adds some very interesting uses as forward operating bases. Our particular airships in this game extracted a toll of 1 resource for each piece that wants to move into its hex. So we had, like, two airships and a huge clusterfuck in and around the factory at the middle of the map. Pretty bananas!

I’d love to get Rise of Fenris on the table and played but I also don’t want to give up on my RPG night for 8 weeks. Maybe we can plan weekend games twice a month, or something, like we did for Seafall.

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