My first impulse was to bark obscenities, Tourette style, when I got a close look at the realistic resources the game comes with. Then I stumbled into the actual metal ingots for ore, and of course beautiful metal money.

The game is probably great to play but holy Hannah the production values.

Tiny fucking bags of grain! What!

8 thoughts on “Scythe”

  1. Got mine set up in the basement just now & starting to step through a game. Will teach other humans next week.

    So pretty. And the coins even stack. I got the art book too.

    A small thing: I wish the black mechs were grey; I could just do an ink wash on all of them to bring out the detail and be done with it. As it, I’ll prime them all grey and build them up from there.

  2. Matthew Gagan any thoughts on how gray dry brush might look? Or like…slate?

    I have so many amazing looking games that have unpainted plastic.

  3. It’s worth a try! I’m sure it would look good. I’d just need to do that to one black mech and then ink wash one red, put them side by side and and see how I feel about two different techniques in the same game.

    Can always prime the black mechs after if it doesn’t look quite right.

    I put 80+ hours into painting The Battle of the Five Armies about a year ago. Only about half done. Really need to finish that up…

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