Hooooly wow is it good. Probably the best Star Wars game I’ve played, and I do love Armada and Imperial Assault.

At the core the game is really simple: each side (it’s just two sides, although you can play each side as a two player team) has a small but growing collection of Leaders. You either assign leaders to missions, or hold them in reserve to later counter enemy missions or move the troops around. Then you start carrying out missions and moving and blowing stuff up pewpewpew.

It’s super asymmetrical! I played the Rebels, so my job was to get my Reputation (victory points) high enough that the galaxy throws off its shackles. My wife played the Empire, and her job was to sprawl across the map, subjugate systems, and find my base. Empire wins if they can destroy the base; Rebels win if they run the clock.

I really thought the Rebels had the harder job at first, but man it’s a big map for the Empire to cover. The cat and mouse is delicious: when you send a personality out on a mission, you send them into the middle of enemy territory. So do you oppose them? If you do, the presence of your leader will keep you from taking forces out of that space. Lots of tense decisions.

The game leverages lots of EU material, so I’m not sure how that looks going forward with the new Disney management. Lots of room for interesting non-movie expansions in the future, I think.

I suspect the game is really strong for about three or four plays per side, but I might be wrong about that. I hope so! I get that from eyeballing the arc the game spools out: the Rebels start earning vps through winning hearts and minds, then winning fights, then blowing up the Death Star(s). Maybe there’s more variety than it appears?

Dunno, but for now it’s fun as hell.

7 thoughts on “Rebellion”

  1. Wicked. I watched the Shut Up and Sit Down video review of this game and it really piqued my interest. A friend of mine owns it, and I might have to invite myself to his next board game night and advocate for it.

  2. Brian Kurtz it’s pretty shallow teamwork. One of you is the general and the other is the admiral, and you have different responsibilities throughout the game. I assume in practice it just means you’ve got two brains working on the hunt.

  3. Adam D oh yeah, their review is 100% accurate as far as I can tell. All the way down to SW fandom maybe being the deciding factor in whether is worth spending money on it. For me, it feels a lot like an ultra lightweight COIN game.

    I’m so very jealous of SUSD. If I were passably attractive and British, I would totally have done a show like theirs. Tbh I have no idea how so many static-beardos-behind-tables podcasts keep themselves going, they’re terrible.

  4. I have had a blast playing this game with friends. No game is the same. Your abilities depend on you leaders. I thought the rebellion to have the upper hand, on first playthrough. I was wrong… I only have one complaint. The rulebook can be confusing at times. I’m sure this will be addressed. Look forward to playing again and again!

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