Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy

The Gathering Storm

Board Game Arena

Anyone else tried the first RFTG expansion? Finally deployed to BGA? It’s been, god, maybe a decade since A Gathering Storm came out, I think. The implementation is really good. Not perfect but quite good.

Forgot how much of an impact the Goals have on the game. I always liked them but they’re not universally loved. Anyway, it’s there and it’s rad and you can play me there and lose, because I’m really good.

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11 thoughts on “Race for the Galaxy”

  1. I don’t know the boardgame emulation on Steam at all. BGA is a platform where they’ve programmed a couple hundred popular boutique board games with really nice graphics, rules handling, etc. Tens of thousands of users, $25/year if you care about your stats, etc.

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