Path of Light and Shadow

Path of Light and Shadow

I barely remember backing this, but it’s from the same folks who did Coup and I think that’s a really well done game. I opened the box this afternoon to organize and maybe read the rules for tonight and wow! There is a lot of stuff in here.

So it looks like an area control game crossed with a deckbuilder. Kind of like A Study in Emerald I guess? But with the extra twists that the choices you make push you into being either more merciful or more cruel, which in turn modifies card effects. Oh and you can either cull cards from your deck (and earn more cruelty) or promote them to better versions of themselves. Interesting!

8 thoughts on “Path of Light and Shadow”

  1. Mine just came too, and I had forgotten why I was interested. But then I read it and it’s just oozing clever.

    Of course the Viking Deckbuilder based on the History Channel show was oozing clever too, but play was…meh.

    But I have high hopes. Tonight it’s either this or the Expanse.

  2. It’s good. I don’t have enough plays to judge how repetitive it is. I’m suspicious that there may be a “once you figure out the optimal strategy for a faction you can play it on autopilot” thing. So I can’t really say great (yet). But it’s damn fun so far.

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