Ora et Labora

Ora et Labora

Staycation day without the kid means food, foolin around and a long board game with the missus. Was there ever a finer economy game? So good. So challenging. She’s deadly when the economies get elaborate enough: kicked my butt 394-375.

It’s like Agricola + migraine – the guilt of letting your family go hungry. Fun! For certain values of fun.

11 thoughts on “Ora et Labora”

  1. I don’t have this, but I like it a lot. I feel Caverna and le Havre and fields of arle got rid of the starvation dread, but OeL is just really neat and smart. Have you tried glass road?

  2. Paolo Greco​ I feel like I have enough Uwe games! Between this and Ag I’m not sure how many other ways I need to play this type of game.

    Mischa Krilov​ right? It’s been a year for us. When I opened the box I saw that we had carefully tackle-boxed everything. I nearly wept.

  3. Glass Road: well huh! Might have a look at it. My collection trends confrontational and thematically my wife doesn’t love that. I was trying to cajole her into Empires: Age of Discovery last night with “but it’s worker placement!” She wasn’t having any of it.

    Mischa Krilov​ you monster.

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