Ooh a new local boardgaming convention!

Ooh a new local boardgaming convention!

Conventions in Arizona have thus far been universally terrible. Maybe this time it’ll be different?

Late January.


14 thoughts on “Ooh a new local boardgaming convention!”

  1. Hans Messersmith think about all the things that make a convention good. Take them away. Whatever you have left is what an Arizona convention is.

    Poorly run, terrible variety, no connection at all to the wider world of gaming, terrible locations, terrible participants, close to zero safety as far as harassment goes.

  2. I wish +Paul Beakley <****@**> wouldn’t beat around the bush about

    these things. i want to know how he really sees it.


    I have not been to a good convention. I’ve had fun, but essentially all of

    them could be gigged in most or all of the categories Paul has touched.

    Paul, which Con rules them all in terms of experience-delivered and not

    just Big Name Event You Better Go?

  3. As far as rpg events, Big Bad Con is currently best in show for me, personally. Although Dreamation is pretty epic too, but it felt like it nudged right up against the too-big envelope.

    Boardgaming events are universally terrible. Well…I have good memories of Gencon but it’s way too big for my tastes any more.

  4. I do.

    I want to see. It’s a new event.

    I’ve not really heard any complaints about ConSimWorld but I strongly suspect the vast majority of the attendants do not share my concerns or values.

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