This was the first time we played with both boxes and the Sand & Snow expansion. And I got to put my nice Broken Token insert to use. Everything is combined! Rewards, monsters, heroes, encounters, everything. It is very cool, by far my favorite co-op.

There are maybe too-awesome combos now with everything included. Or maybe we are just that good. Played through the first mission from Heart of the Mists, lost fairly quick the first time while we relearned the rules, then waltzed through the second time with the same characters.

The only thing we haven’t tried is the Valskyrr campaign system, about which I’ve heard iffy things. Still sounds cool, and boardgame campaigns are rad! Except when the holidays roll in and screw up everyone’s schedule.

12 thoughts on “Mistfall”

  1. Charles Picard no comparison at all, really. AH has a lot of moving parts on the map but the characters are fairly straightforward iirc. This is the opposite: abstract simple map, super elaborate puzzles to defeat sets of monsters within the constraints of an “encounter.”

  2. That’s how I read it too, Paul Beakley… but it’s different enough from other games I’ve played that I have trouble finding people to play it (surrounded by filthy casuals…), and on the few occasions I have, we did not do well.

  3. Note that I do not consider this a fault of the game, per se, any more than I’d call LISP/Schema/etc. a poor programming language because I haven’t been able to internalize it.

    I can see the shape of how to play Mistfall, I just haven’t fully grasped it.

  4. Indeed, it’s not nearly as clear as I’d like. It reads as if a programmer wrote it. I’m a programmer, I recognize the style.

    I’ve looked for an alternate manual but haven’t found one. I’d write one myself if I felt competent to do so.

  5. I should point out, Charles Picard, that as much as we’re mostly talking about problems with the game, it’s because the rest of the game is good enough that these are specific problems.

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