Fantasy adventure co-op card game I Kickstarted a while back arrived yesterday. It’s got a Skyrim-ish Nordic vibe, and it’s very pretty. From the same publisher as Exodus: Proxima Centauri, which I picked up but I’m kind of iffy on.

I think I’ll pitch it to my peeps as “adventures in the great white north” and see if they hear/enjoy the double meaning.

16 thoughts on “Mistfall”

  1. I didn’t back it because I found the Pathfinder game to be dull.  Reviews I’ve read make this sound a little more interesting but people are also saying it’s clunky and fiddly.  That’s one thing the Pathfinder card game wasn’t, but it was too simple.

  2. I’m reading through it all now, trying oh trying with all my might to get in a quick solo play today before we leave on boring gameless vacation tomorrow. And lordy it’s a steep ass learning curve. Very different than Pathfinder. The good news is, there’s actual strategy and planning involved. The bad news is, you don’t get to play until you’ve completed 40 hours of continuing education. 

  3. and on time! Estimated delivery August/September 2015. Well done.

    I remember looking at this one, but I didn’t back it. I suspect either shipping was high or I was overextended.

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