Lords of Xidit

Lords of Xidit


Buddy of mine picked this up and we haven’t played in person yet, so I thought I’d learn how on BGA.

Holy cats! First off, amazing game. Really. I’ll talk more about it another time. But the online implementation of it is terrific. What a time to love games. 

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  1. Way waaaay more moving parts than it looks like it’s going to have when you’re just reading the rulebook. 

    I got beat like a snare drum, but I can see how to get better at it.

  2. You don’t need to flip and you don’t have an arbitrary limit on what you can do in your turn. And every action is available every turn.  There’s none of that I NEED TO TURN LEFT BUT I DON’T HAVE A LEFT TURN CARD aspect.

  3. See, I love RR.  But then I was in a game where one friend was caught in “Hell’s Toilet” for four hours.  By the end of that, the game had changed from “WIN THE RACE” to “GET WENDY OFF OF THIS BOARD!” and we were all working together.

  4. I don’t like RR myself, but Xidit, mainly because all actions are possible on all beats, is much more open (and you can’t get locked into any action forever, like you can with RR). 

    LoX is far more like Chess than RR is, in that the victory will go to the player who is best able to anticipate his opponent’s moves and capitalize on the resources that the other players aren’t already fighting over.

  5. I have no feel at all online as to which warriors are being taken by which players. I don’t love the memory-game aspect of that, especially since the warriors chosen are open information. The census step every four years helps a little but kind of not really, not when you’re firing on all pistons. 

    The folks I was just playing with were recruiting and threat-killing at least twice every year. Every year. Maybe they were paying attention to what everyone was taking, I don’t know. But that’s a design thing that has always bugged me.

  6. I was like, “Let’s check out this BGA thing Paul just mentioned. Oooohh, you can watch games. Maybe someone is actually playing this game right now? Uh… 102 XIDIT GAMES IN PROGRESS?!”

    So I guess BGA is kinda popular. Unless Paul is playing 100 simultaneous games (wouldn’t put it past you, Paul).

  7. BGA is the most incredible thing, Christian. Just look through all the games they offer. And they’re just beautifully executed.

    Makes me wish I’d launched the thing. I hope they’re solvent!

  8. Hey Andy Hauge​ (and Paul Beakley​ and others?), I was just looking at Race as well. I’ve played it before a couple of times, so i know the basic rules, but I don’t really know most of the cards well. Should we start a low-pressure turn-based game together? 🙂

  9. I made an account via G+ login; that was easy. It even called me xenopulse. So everyone interested, let me know what your account name is so I can friend you and get you in the game.

  10. Christian Griffen: Yeah, I’m not sure what happened there. I don’t mind doing a 1v1 as well as a 1v1v1, if you can figure out a way to create a game that doesn’t do that.

  11. Just like RL, then, Paul Beakley? 😉

    Click on “Community” at the top of the page.  IN the upper left, look for the box that says “Find a player or a group.”  Put the username in there.  Hit enter.  It’ll find you.

  12. There’s a way to communicate?

    Also, fun first game! Lost 34 to 40, not bad given that I had to remember the game rules and often can’t check a card’s properties (select and hover seem to be the same on touch screens).

  13. I <3 Consume/Produce loops. :-D I was shaking my fist at the deck for not giving me good draws, though.

    Really good to play this game again, and the turn-based play is a nice way to play in realtime when you’re both on, but keep the game going when you’re not.

  14. That is the worst excuse.  Everyone knows that people IRL aren’t real. It’s us internet folk that have actual flesh-and-blood existence!

    … or do I have that backwards again?

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