Last Vast Post

Last Vast Post

no really

The last version of Vast I wanted to try out was head-to-head. The classic matchup, I think, is Knight vs Goblin. It’s pretty straightforward: the Knight is trying to break 5 crystals, the Goblins are trying to kill the Knight.

My wife and I played this matchup twice. She lost her Knight quickly and without much tension the first time, but she thought through her stuff a little more and trounced, like totally nuked, the Goblins the second time. I maybe could have played smarter, dunno, but she was aggressive about grinding through the map, smart about not letting dark map tiles connect so I could zip around the map edge, and never gave me easy opportunities to get the Goblin’s rage very high.

I like it! I don’t loooove it at this player count. A 20 minute match is super appealing, though. I think it’ll be fun to explore the other role matchups: Thief vs. Cave, for example, I think could be interesting.

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