7 thoughts on “Kermit Arms”

  1. Such a money pit, fair warning.

    I’m all in with two core sets, all of waves 1 and 2, and it’s kind of bonkers. Not X-wing bonkers but up there.

    I should bring the whole deal if I get out to nmcon again. September maybe?

  2. I want to play this so bad but I’m already all-in with the Scum/Villainy faction in X-Wing.

    Do you think that two core sets + all of wave 1 and 2 (no duplicates there in) is enough for 2-4 people to play the game and have a good time? Or would you want more of this capital ship or that fighter squadron, etc. etc.?

  3. Adam Day oh way more than enough.

    I only got two cores because it was actually cheaper than getting a separate second ruler and dice set. I kid you not. It also lets me not have to mess with disassembling the tiny fighter squadrons to get to a named squad leader.

  4. Okay cool! Thanks for that – that gives me some perspective, then. I wasn’t sure if you felt you were lacking anything from play for not having 2 or 3 of this thing or the other. CCGs have ruined my perspective for life.

    Maybe once I get around to selling my no-longer-wanted board games/RPGs, I’ll sink some mad money into the core sets + expansions. Maybe Mass Drop or CSI/Miniature Market will have a sale by then…

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