I’ve pledged and cancelled on this one three times now.

I’ve pledged and cancelled on this one three times now. This is one I think I may regret if I don’t sell an organ or something.

In my perfect world there would be a Kickstarter trade in program. Here’s Empires and Redacted, I’ll take one Siege of the Citadel please.


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  1. Yeah. Sometimes I feel like the anxiety of these big Kickstarter projects (especially for board games with boatloads of unlockable add-on content) is not worth their existence. Like, if this game just showed up at my FLGS, and I did a little research and it seemed OK, then great! I’ll throw $70 at it and hope it doesn’t let me down.

    But the KS model really relies on people to say “oh no! if I don’t get on board now I’ll never get the super-bonus cards or the exclusive miniatures” and then allowing their primate-brains to extrapolate that to “and therefore my enjoyment of this game will be permanently diminished!”

    It encourages investment at a much higher level than we would otherwise tolerate for a product that has a non-zero chance of totally evaporating, and that is still going to exist and be just as enjoyable otherwise.

  2. I’m kind of feeling that way about the Banner Saga board game…it may be just unfair first impressions but I open the box (tons of bits, tons of cards, no tray or insert…at all) and think…where’s the game?

    It may be a too literal port of the computer game… it feels very…sterile where the PC game was charming and tragic.

  3. I’m a big fan of the original game, and I was the design lead on the rpg’s 2nd edition, so I have a lot of affection for it.

    One of my biggest hesitations is all that plastic. I mean, that’s why the game is $150, right? And I just don’t have painting in my life any more. Maybe I will again at some point.

    I picked up Blood Rage a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty good game. I don’t know that a fully painted set would make it much better, but it doesn’t matter because I’m not painting it. So it feels wasteful to drop so much cash on the toys.

    I mean I’m in for many hundreds in Armada ships, but they’re prepainted. Feels less wasteful.

  4. I have the original still and it holds up but all the new shiny for his one really has me tempted. But currently exchange and shipping puts this past be tipping point. When it hits retail I’ll probably be powerless though.

  5. Backed out a fourth time this morning.

    The SeaFall box showing up, and me trying to find space on the shelf by stacking it on top of my Blood Rage and Scythe boxes while carefully counterbalancing it against my newest Time Stories mission, was a useful reality check.

  6. I’ve only backed out twice. But this time I’m staying out. However if it wasn’t for exchange and shipping I’d have been in. I’ll wait till retail now and see then.

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