20 thoughts on “It me, as the kids say.”

  1. This made me look at my list on Kickstarter of games I pledged, then stopped backing before the KS ended. I look at that list, and there is only one game I regret dropping: Scythe. I typically will pledge, then I wade through the myriad emotions involved in buyers remorse, before finally sticking with it, or dropping it. I feel very good about the games I have backed. I play those games. I have never ever backed a CMON cash grab, miniatures game. The closest I came was Conan, which I dropped.

  2. The “remind me” button has been a lifesaver. I extricate myself from the artificial urgency of the stretch goal chase, still feel like I have my hand in it, and still back things I’m actually interested in a month (or whatever) later.

    I wonder if the net effect has been positive or negative for KS? I get the sense that they’re largely still in good-guy mode and want to do the right thing.

  3. I’d probably be just as disappointed if I walked into my FLGS and bought $16,000 of games based only on reading the back of the box.

    I’d be just as disappointed if I walked into Best Buy and bought $16,000 worth of CD’s, DVD’s and video games based on the cover and maybe a slight blurb

    So to sum up fools and their money. I just hope he was in a position to be able to afford $16,000 worth of games.

  4. I’ve backed 28 projects. I’ve starred 64 projects. of the 28 backed, 16 were first starred. so not a heavy KS participant at all.

    of the projects I’ve backed, I really regret 3. with 1 yet to be determined as it’s not shipped yet. 2 of those were in my top 5 most expensive projects I backed, so there is a solid correlation between the $ I spend and my perceived value. I think in large part the 1 that I most regret was also my most expense and was a board game (my first that I backed), I’ve become totally gun shy on boardgames and that has saved me a ton.

    in all, KS has increased my annual spend on the hobby, but has, I think in general been a net positive in the exposure to different products and, in general, being mostly satisfied with what I have received.

  5. Pro tip: if you frequent BoardGameGeek, subscribe at the $25/year level. That will let you disable ads, which means no more KS temptation via bgg. That 25/year saves me tens of hundreds which would otherwise go to KS projects.

  6. Except for the reviews, The Hotness, the lists, etc etc etc.

    The ads are the last thing that drive me to campaigns. Hell, bgg isn’t even the first thing! It’s rich bastards on Plus thqh.

  7. I did Zombicide, discovered I didn’t enjoy the game that much, sold it, and unsubscribed from CMON updates so I wouldn’t be tempted.

    That’s par for the course with a lot of these games. I try now to look on them as “I invested in my game design education.”

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