Interesting! Any prevailing opinions yet?

Interesting! Any prevailing opinions yet?

What jumped out at me is that Steamforged Games itself (I assume they’re official) is the project creator. First created!

14 thoughts on “Interesting! Any prevailing opinions yet?”

  1. Price point puts it out of my comfort range.  But the figs look cool, combat could be cool but not sure it’s got more to offer then a random flop dungeon crawl and that to me does not make it worth $100+ 

  2. $130ish shipped to the USA w/o the additional bosses, yeesh. And the fact that Gameplay is a good ways down the page? That’s the very reddest flag.

    If I had a very full slush fund and had time/space to paint I think it’d look a lot more appealing. Kind of reminds me of Myth, which attempted to procedurally generate dungeon threats and sold itself on righteous minis.

  3. So you flip a dungeon tile, drop some random monsters on it, fight them, die.  Go back fight them again, win, flop another random dungeon tile.…etc…. Just not seeing much of a deep game there.  The dungeons and dragons adventure games do the same thing and they get dull fast too.

  4. The only one of these that’s really interested me was the one with the mice Mice & Mystics. I may still get that one! Looks like it’d be awesome to play with kids.

  5. My 7yo daughter and I play Mice & Mystics and we really enjoy it Paul.

    If Chris Groff’s description of this game is accurate then it sounds like they’re trying to boardgamerize the actual Dark Souls experience. And that sounds thoroughly not fun. I love the viddya games because the brutal die-to-learn cycle is very fun and rewarding when tied to the live action. Not sure if it can be interestingly replicated in a boardgame.

    But I didn’t bother to investigate the link either. Too busy playing the video game…

  6. I’m intrigued, but unfamiliar with the mechanics of loss, repetition, regain in board games. I’m fairly new to the Dark Souls series (thought slightly separate I know, I’ve literally started Demon Souls). Are there other examples of this kind of gameplay working well in other board games?

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