I like Stonemaier games. (Well…Scythe.)

I like Stonemaier games. (Well…Scythe.)

I like Legacy games. (Well…Seafall.)

Legacy town builder worker placement thing with exactly twelve one-hour sessions sounds like my jam. (Although a Seafall style 4x game in the Scythe universe is probably what I actually want.)


6 thoughts on “I like Stonemaier games. (Well…Scythe.)”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned this because we’ve been shopping for a legacy game to play. Never have done one, don’t want Risk or Pandemic. We’ve also never done an RPG. Whitney Goodey​ has been doing lots of research about them and told me a lot about Gloomhaven that seems interesting. We looked into Seafall but it didn’t quite tick our boxes. I’m interested in Charterstone but there’s just so little about it right now.

  2. I’m reading the comments and I’m loving how some players balk so much at permanence mechanics. Destroying cards is one of the best things about Legacy games.

  3. Jesse Coombs agreed. The experience is pretty unique and I can totally appreciate that it’s uncomfortable for some people.

    One of my Seafall players just ripped his first card. Game 8.

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