11 thoughts on “I just want to play Forbidden Stars all day.”

  1. By far the coolest looking tanks.  But way fragile.  I won largely on the strength of eating shit tons of damage with my Nobz and then rallying them again.

    Then laying down the Shooter Boyz and blowing hell out of everyone.

    We did a couple of things wrong in our first play, but I think everyone really liked it.

    Tomorrow is probably more Armada.

  2. I am spending my gaming budget on early 80s D&D modules lately, but I guessed you could count on Gremlin Legions, Christian.

    Anyway, I want to play!

  3. Christian Griffen

    Next time you stop by my shop, a fresh copy of Forbidden Stars has been set aside for you, all paid for and ready to be shared with Matthew Gagan, with my compliments. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to play it with you guys.

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