I hope you’re happy, Clint Shulenski​.

I hope you’re happy, Clint Shulenski​.

Wanted to order another set of Mutant: Year Zero dice from CSI and you know you get free shipping over $100, sooo…

(Also picked up Exodus: Proxima Centauri, thereby rounding out the Space 4X collection. Tbh it kind of looks dumb now that I’ve looked through it.)

8 thoughts on “I hope you’re happy, Clint Shulenski​.”

  1. Woo! We almost got Kemet instead of Euphoria when we were at the game store, but decided that Euphoria was a much more rare find. But this is still on our want list.

  2. Exodus still interests me. It is on my list to get to “round out” my 4X collection as well. But fortunately a friend owns it so I can try his first. I really dig the way the resources on planets are exhausted over time and the hidden orders.

    What looked dumb about it? And was this in comparison to other 4x games or just in general?

  3. No exploration. Middling artwork. Doomsday weapons attached to planets that launch at other planets makes me lol. Derivative from the other 4Xes (ship blueprints you modify like Eclipse, laws you vote on like TI, etc.)

    The hidden orders thing looks hot but it is uniformly denounced on the bgg forum. So much so that the expansion does away with it.

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