Hnnnngh how could I have forgotten how good Galaxy Truckers is?

Hnnnngh how could I have forgotten how good Galaxy Truckers is?

Haven’t broken it out in months, and I was pretty hazy about some of the more detailed rules. And then I forgot what all the expansion bits were. And then I forgot how to build a ship that wouldn’t fly into a million pieces.

Played okay but it’s time to play a whole lot more again. Gotta get my people trained up to build spheres and amorphous blobs and recruit specialized crews and and and.

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11 thoughts on “Hnnnngh how could I have forgotten how good Galaxy Truckers is?”

  1. Love it love it. I think one of the nice things is that while new players have very little shot in beating experienced hands, the act of playing is so joyously chaotic that people rarely come away unhappy when they get trounced.

  2. I absolutely love Gal Trucker. I wish I could play it more, but it really requires people who are willing/able to laugh at their own misfortune.

  3. Also, Galaxy Trucker has produced my favorite gaming stories.

    When playing with new players, we always make a big show out of getting them to stop and listen after the game ends, as we open the rulebook and read the victory text verbatim. (It is, in my opinion, the greatest punchline in boardgaming.)

    Was playing with one friend, and he’d gotten some pretty beat-up spaceships. I think his last spaceship was almost entirely obliterated, except for his core piece. He was pretty constantly going “OH NO! THIS IS SO TERRIBLE! WOE IS ME!” et al. Not exactly literally that, but you get the idea.

    Then we read the victory text out to him. I do not have words for his reaction.

  4. This is one my 9yo son always asks to play with us. Often I find him sitting by himself just building cool spaceship designs for the fun of it. 🙂

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