Siege of the Citadel was a really strong early design in the co-opetition style: four players competing with each other but also making sure an Overlord type player doesn’t beat all of you. Richard Borg designed it in the…I want to say mid 90s. I never owned it. Definitely emerged from Heroquest, definitely inspired Descent.

I can’t tell if it’s a reprint, a reimplementation, or a whole new thing from this. Probably the only way I’m going to enjoy the Mutant Chronicles setting at this point, though. EDIT: closer reading of the page says it’s an all-star cast of designers doing a second edition. Hm!

Don’t fail me, Modiphius! You knocked it out of the park with Mutant: Year Zero but everything else you’ve done is a cautionary tale.

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  1. Whoah!

    Siege of the Citadel was my third major nerd game, acquired in a Walmart in 1994. My mother wanted to buy me something to make up for the fact that we had just moved far away from the place I’d lived for the previous 5 years, which was the longest we’d lived in one place in my entire life. We would move from there after a year, and eventually my little brother would get into the box and lose several of the pieces.

    The idea of co-op play, characters that persisted through missions… The whole boardgame with RPG elements shtick. It really stuck with me. I’d played, but never owned Heroquest before that, and the idea of something that would stand up to a lot of repeat play was a real selling feature. 

  2. Huh. How common was this game back in 1994? To see on a store shelf, that is. I don’t remember this at all. Maybe because I was enamored with Heroquest and Battlemasters? And since Necromunda turned up in 1995, I probably missed it entirely.

  3. Pressman is/was such a weird operation. Are they even in business still?


    Holy shit are they ever! They’re the Elf on the Shelf people! (makes the sign of the cross, backs away slowly)

  4. Paul Beakley Yep. They’re still around and are publishing exactly zero things which interest me.

    Actually, scratch that. I used to absolutely love Rummikub, but I suspect that it won’t hold up as well as I want it to have held up.

  5. Been waiting for this one. I still have the original and its held up surprisingly well. But if this game does some rules updates and prettier components it may

    be too hard to resist.

    Then again shipping and exchange could still be a deal killer.

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