High Frontier

High Frontier

Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment because it’s been calling to me for weeks. Foolishly thought I could slip a “quick” game in before game night. Juuuust enough time to industrialize Mars.

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  1. KS was a mess, but everything that was printed on paper that eventually arrived was worth it. Has there been a set of upgrade tokens other than the various ones at Shapeways?

  2. So in about four hours, each of us got our essential machinery up and running: I had industrialized Mars and hired tons of colonists, he had gotten out to Jupiter and started setting up shop.

    This game is so weird I think because it’s so wide open, a true sandbox. The phases of the game always look about the same: exploration, settlement, race for the endgame. But since each of those stages can go very well or very poorly, you can get wildly divergent pacing.

    I like the Mars game because it feels satisfying early, but it’s also a trap because your technical advances are limited. I like the asteroid game more but it relies on luck. The Jupiter game is slow but dominates the midgame headed towards the futures. Everything from Saturn outward seems more like endgame territory.

    There’s still so much map, and so many ways to combine technologies, and processes we just haven’t bothered with (freighters, 3d printing in spaaace, combat, hostile recruitment, etc.), it just seems like an impossible game to master in a normal lifetime. No other game in my collection makes me question my actual intelligence so often.

  3. Paul Beakley – The box is insanely heavy. And I say that with a room full of board games. It was produced by a magazine publisher, and everything printed is great. Thick, quality cardboard and color manuals that walk you through a tutorial game to learn.

    The tokens are just very basic and functional. Things like winks and glass flat marbles. I think they just didn’t have an idea of what people expect in a higher end board game these days.

  4. Paul Beakley (for real this time) – Whups! Got the people in the thread mixed up. For some reason I thought your comment was a second comment by Joshua and didn’t even catch it when I plussed. Sorry about that.

  5. Haha no worries. I’ve been keeping track of my time in on this thing and it crossed 100 hours last month. Which makes it, I think, the absolute best value of any game I’ve bought in the past five years.

  6. Maybe not ever. There’s maybe going to be a reprint in a couple years but this one was so fraught that I think Eklund is feeling pretty burned by the whole thing.

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