7 thoughts on “Hey Ralph Mazza!”

  1. It looks less intimidating than many GMT titles. At least according to the Kickstarter description. I’m curious if there’s as much social manipulation as it says? I love those aspects in strategy games, but sometimes find rule complexity can get in the way of that (a la the A Game of Thrones board game).

  2. It’s pretty cool. It’s a Richard Berg game (not to be confused with Richard Borg), and he’s kind of hit or miss for me, because when he gets his sim on, his games get creaky. But this game is pretty abstract. It’s from 10-15 years ago when grognards started flirting with Euro-esque designs. The killer app is that as you play the mongols hit and start destroying the map.

    Hopefully the new version will clean up the rules, because as I recall, they were rife with timing issues…of the sort that invariably crop up when you start having cards and deals and interrupts and the like and a designer who doesn’t normally think of that.

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