Hey Christian Griffen​! Only $750 to buy all the way in.

Hey Christian Griffen​! Only $750 to buy all the way in.


16 thoughts on “Hey Christian Griffen​! Only $750 to buy all the way in.”

  1. You know, I was going to buy it if the BF special was $150. It would have been a stretch, but I would have done it. Instead, it was $200, and 1,500 people already bought it by the time I woke up this morning!! That means it’s sold out and the game now costs $250. That’s not going to happen. Though enough people seem to think it’s worth it that the KS is at a freaking $3.5 MILLION dollars in its first few hours.

  2. I’ve been playing it on Tabletop Simulator.

    And Even though I would love to have the game physically, and it is totally worth 200$ (250 might be pushing it), just the amount of setup and clearing the table afterwards must be so long… on TTS, I just save state, and we are good to go the next game.

    So unless you have a Sultan Gaming table, which the 1666$ pledge shouldn’t be a problem if you do, I think the setup time for me would kill it.

    But really, if you have tabletop simulator, do play it with friends! There’s no other games like it. NONE

  3. Yann Van De Sype I think the first Kickstarter came out in 2012, and they just received their last expansion bits this year… so 4 years is progressive release, Core Box comes out next year.

  4. It’s pretty fun. But unless you’re super into painting and modeling, it’s not worth that price point. Like quite a few miniature games, that’s where much of the enjoyment comes from. It’s a modders dream. We played through it with my Thursday group on and off between WotA sessions.

    Also, the art is of the “chainmail bikini” variety, which I’m not a fan of. If you want to have boobs and sex, just have that, don’t put weird strips of armor on people. But no question there’s a huge audience for it.

  5. It also looks like a massive time and bandwidth investment. Like, we’re a few games into Seafall ($80ish) and that feels like we might fail to play it all the way through. So $250 for what sounds like basically a gmless fantasy tactics game? Maaan I dunno. That was the Myth promise as well. I wonder why that design brief is in such high demand?

  6. I think it’s more of a story/building evolution.

    With my gaming group on KDM, it’s building our settlement as a group, working together for a cause.

    Hence why we also love the legacy genre.

    This one is “legacy” with a reset switch

  7. I backed the original but sold it a while back. We found it to just be a giant grind and a lot of luck.

    The culmination of slow play time and high number of random events (deaths) really killed the game for us. I think the fun aspects of the game played out across too large a time frame. You go out to hunt, find random shit on the way, beat a monster, come back to the settlement, choose upgrades and advancements. Repeat.

    That’s cool, I dug it. But one of the those loops can take an entire session to play. It becomes difficult to see how your choices added up across the game. And by the time they catch up to you, you’ve probably lost (The will to play again).

    It was something we all agreed would be better as a computer game.

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