Ralph Mazza have you seen this shit? Have you seen?

+$35 for miniature buildings

+$50 for a giant cloth map

God damn it.


20 thoughts on “GOD DAMN IT UWE.”

  1. Funny!

    I ended up maxing out on Fief (I think it was $160, and shipping to Canada) then looking at it for like 30 solid minutes and canceling my pledge. 

    Makes me want to do a study on the all or nothing escalation pattern. 

  2. I am right there.

    And yet I love Fief with the ferocity of a thousand suns.

    I have no doubt that I would love my ultrablinged Mare Nostrum just as fiercely. 

    But then I look at my wall of underplayed and frequently ignored games and weep and weep.

    Dunno…It’s $198 that could go toward my SandCon budget.

  3. I almost pulled the trigger on the buildings. And if I had, I would have had to get the chips as well, because obviously you can have a game half blinded.

    But then I thought, in the rules, it’s necessary to put your units on top of the buildings to mark ownership. I’m not sure how that would work with building minis.

  4. Hm, that’s a good point. Probably you’d just gather them around the building. 

    I like the chit + flat building solution in Fief, which tbh is always at the back of my head when I consider adding the Teutonic Knights expansion, which would give me pointy roofs to contend with.

  5. I have 1E here and it’s sweet. And the updates he’s been posting for this one look sweet, too. 

    It’s a very tough call. But I’m feeling kind of poor after my Father’s Day self-santa binge, so opting out is getting easier all the time.

  6. Close but dramatically updated.

    TBH the first edition is slightly problematic. There’s a solved opening, for one. And an official “fix all these things” errata that you kind of have to use.

  7. Brand Robins well poop, just looked at my calendar and I’m gonna be in MAINE during Sandcon.

    So close, so very close, yet so far away. 🙁

    Still unpledging this monstrosity though. Because I know if I can’t go all-in — and criminy I should not — I’ll hate knowing I didn’t.

  8. I was actually one of the first… bunch. First-weekend backer. Then realized that as much as I wanted the bits and all, expected play time is longer than (attention span|lunch break) so it’d never actually get played.

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