13 thoughts on “Finally it arrives.”

  1. Yes, it was based on mecatol rex planet. I picked up a copy in a dusty corner of a game store.

    Wow, I can’t believe there’s going to be a Fourth Ed. I haven’t worn out the third Ed with the expansions… It’s a hard game to get a group around….

  2. There are a lot of third edition holdouts.

    I’m quite interested in the documentary! One of my best gaming buddies locally is all-in on third, skeptical of fourth, and was part of the extended online community of TI lifers.

  3. i’m a believer, Corey K. is the one who fixed the broken 3rd edition with the first expansion and also responsible for Rune Wars and most of the best games to come out of FF. I bet it will be an improvement.

  4. So, anyone know what the major differences are rulewise if any? I like how the the tech upgrades are handled..That’s all I could really see other than the ascetics..

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