Finally. Jeezy Creezy, finally an end to by far the most acrimonious, delayed, melodramatic Kickstarter I’ve ever backed.

Not like I know when we’ll ever play it. I bought it with a specific friend in mind, but he’s moved out of state and I’m not sure anyone else will be in the mood to try.

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  1. Jason Corley currently Project: Dark still holds the title on my list. Not nearly as crazy-angry as things got in the middle of High Frontier but way later. I kind of am okay with that one happening whenever it wants to.

    I can so appreciate designer hangups these days. (Dunno if I’d feel the same way about GMS and his thing tho.)

  2. Isn’t it a brick?! Mine arrived yesterday and my wife texted me to find out what was so heavy! I guess I was entirely unaware of acrimony and drama on this one.

    Like Charles Picard, I’m also one of the saps cheated in the Up Front scam. Boy, I’d like to find that fucker in a dark alley.

  3. Christopher Weeks go back through the comments on the project page sometime if you need a good hate-read.

    I almost never bother following my projects that closely, but I noticed one of the official updates and it sounded like a missive from the Western Front.

  4. Paul Beakley I’ve never seen Kickstarter as a preorder system no matter what anyone says or how often someone says “But REALLY JD come on you can’t ACTUALLY mean that…”. Sometimes an investment doesn’t pay out.

  5. Jason Corley I’m sure that keeps you sane! It’s a good policy and I’m sloooowly embracing it.

    tbh I think most projects that are treating KS as a preorder platform telegraph that fairly clearly. And those that aren’t are pretty clear too.

  6. I detected a couple years ago that I’m less happy if I treat it as a preorder system and more happy if I think I’m patronizing mad creators. So now I put myself in that frame regardless of what the creator thinks is going on. I’m also more likely to back a project that needs my funds than a project that’s already made it.

  7. We have a copy of that coming in the mail as well. I have no idea when we’ll ever field it but my wife is enough of a rocketry nerd that she loved the concept.

  8. I just opened it.

    Other than The Biggest Map I’ve Ever Seen, which is both the Biggest and very eye-catching, I’ve never owned a more brutally ugly game.

    The rulebooks — all four of them — are ugly. The cards are ugly. The tokens and chits and whatfuckingeverelse there is in there is ugly.

    Oh also dense with information, which I’m sure is a big reason it’s all so ugly. Probably one of those boardgames that really ought to have been a computer game.

  9. It’s a Sierra Madras game. All Sierra Madras games are ugly. It’s like their schtick.

    “Here at Sierra Madras Games we aim prove that we’re even older school and more behind the publishing times than GMT”

    Cuz when you uglier than GMT, you have maximum grognard cred.

  10. My worst was Glory to Rome: Black Box Edition, but I passed on High Frontier as my love affair with Phil Eklund‘s designs hadn’t started yet. Now I regret it, and will try to buy the game in retail if possible. At least it seems as if the game’s of good quality. Have fun with it.

  11. Joachim Erdtman Glory to Rome is so so ugly. I spend more time dreaming up ways to reconfigure the cards to be both more attractive and convey information better than I do playing the game. Like literally I’ll just sit there and look at one of the buildings and wonder why isn’t there an actual painting of a building on this? Or a photo? Something!

  12. Oh, I love Glory to Rome, and find the graphic design great in the Black Box Edition. I’m alone in the latter in my game group, but at least they enjoy the gameplay. I wish that the European version would be published in English, it’s gorgeous.

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