Gosh I miss playing it. But if it was online I would play the heck out of it.

Even bought the Broken Token organizer, although the Shadows of the Rift and Ship Pack 1 stuff doesn’t really fit.

I may need to put a weekend together to get Eclipse back to the table.

Anyway! If you dig Eclipse it needs some upvotes on Steam, apparently. I’m not sure what that means but I gave it a vote.

10 thoughts on “Eclipse!”

  1. Not once have I seen a Tabletop Simulator thing that interested me at all.

    Does it do all the calculations and stuff? Or just store gamestate? I’ve played a few Vassal games and it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth.

  2. Paul Beakley figured it was worth a shot. It’s an excellent app. Actually helped us figure out we were playing something wrong (though that was some time ago and I don’t remember exactly what).

    I also need to get this back to the table. I picked up the Rise of the Anchients expansion but haven’t even broken the shrink. It’s been so long since we played though I think I would need to schedule two games, one with just the base rules and one with the expansion.

  3. Ship Pack 1? No, you don’t get representations of all the aliens that exist thus far. But! You do get six distinctly different designs. Six? I think. We don’t stick that closely to racial stuff: like, if you want to play blue but you want to play the time-travelers from Rift, get down with your blue self.

    If I find myself getting back into it, I’m totally modifying the ships I have in my old Silent Death box, and maybe going looking for some leftover old Noble Armada boxes. At least spraypainting and washing.

  4. This might be the way I get to play Eclipse. I sorta regret not taking your advice a while back and buying it instead of Twilight Imperium. I’ll never table TI, but Eclipse is 1000 times more palatable in far less time.

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