Time Travelers vs Evolution

Why don’t I play this all the time?! Oh my gosh I love Eclipse so much. But I haven’t played in…two years maybe? Too long. I even bought the gorgeous insert from The Broken Token.

I haven’t actually played with the Shadow of the Rift expansion, so why not, field both the new races. My race has weaponized their own evolution; my opponent uses time travel, borrowing stuff from the future and sending stuff to the future. And those twists are available through discovery and rare technologies as well.

I thought I’d forgotten how to play but it’s just so very well designed. Two players is pretty solitary, but a good way to relearn this old favorite.

My genetics race won very handily, mostly by being left alone until one final throw down at the Galactic Center. Gotta play more more more.

4 thoughts on “Eclipse”

  1. I used to play this all the time, but then our schedules got screwy rigg about the time I picked up the first expansion and its never come back out.

    What’s your take on the expansions? How many even are there?

  2. Two major expansions plus Ship Pack 1, which had some stuff.

    I really love all the expansions. It fixed some balance stuff and greatly expanded the variability of the map.

  3. I still haven’t played with Rise of the Ancients let alone the new expansion. Managed to get the ships to the table last play about a month ago and felt similar: why am I not playing this more? Bought the Broken Token insert and was disappointed I think my plano solution may have been better.

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