Box Tease

My other favorite gaming first world problem: when Coolstuffinc.com sends out a shipping announcement because their label-printing system triggered. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your box is headed out that day. 🙁

I just got a notice that Forbidden Stars and Historia are on their way and they so aren’t. I think FS drops the 19th.

Now I have to pick one of my other 275 amazing games off the shelf to play this weekend. God whyyyyyyyyyy.

7 thoughts on “CSI”

  1. Oh good. Your turn to spend money 🙂

    Also really enjoyed Copper Country which has a great design story as well as being a solid and very different game. That was a Kickstarter that just delivered. Kind of my ideal of “this is what Kickstarter is really for…all the big name preordered buzz generating stuff exists so they can afford to offer a space where this can happen.”

  2. Never even saw that. 

    I cannot fucking keep up with Kickstarter any more. And I’ve got many thousands already tied up in it. I’ve scaled way back on my backs and purchases this year. 

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