City of Kings

City of Kings

Story 4

We got through story 4 on our first try last night and it’s getting soooo harrrrrd.

Honestly, I looked at our opening situation and immediately wanted to give up. I have no idea why my co-players aren’t feeling the same thing but they can see possibilities where all I see is misery and failure. The monsters are getting big and bad, the map bits are getting trickier, the game clock is getting way way shorter. Very tense.

And yet we got through, although at this point — the fourth of seven scenarios — we have to use everything at our disposal. We dug hard into the equipment deck to get kitted out with everything we could afford. We ran a major mining/scavenging operation to pay for gear as well as special buildings like traps and camps and barricades. We timed out our power sets so that we could slip in vital heals and out-of-sequence actions at exactly the right moment. All this is necessary at this point in the game.

I can’t imagine it getting even harder but we still have three scenarios to go. It is ridiculously difficult for me, personally, to even see a path through these things. So mostly I do what I’m told, which is kind of a drag. I don’t dislike the game at all! But it makes me feel stupid.

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