City of Kings

City of Kings

Took us two tries to get through the third story but by golly we figured it out.

This was my first time with three players. The game changes dramatically, with so many new interactions between character abilities. Out first time through, I was impatient (again) and ended up summoning more shit to the board than we could handle. The second time through we were super careful, plotted out our plans, really worked the timing and advancement schemes. It felt quite a lot like months of fantasy rpg grinding packed into three hours.

I think there are probably tricks to maximizing three players, and we’ll just have to explore that I guess. Two was a lot easier: one dude to deal with the map, another to deal with the resource management game.

Still a super strong cooperative game. Already thinking about when we’ll get to bust out the fourth of seven stories.

3 thoughts on “City of Kings”

  1. I’ve been playing through it as well, and it’s pretty good! I think this was closer to what I was hoping Gloomhaven would be. I do have some quibbles, but with a game of this size and scope it would be weird if I didn’t.

  2. So far I think I only have a couple quibbles:

    * The quests are super swingy

    * The writing is terrible

    I like to read the chapter narrative out loud before we dive in at each step because it’s so awful.

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