Broken Token 2: The Brokening

Broken Token 2: The Brokening

Mage Knight

Second organizer, and man this one’s got a lot of bits and bobs! Almost all of the trays come out, which is awesome. I ditched a lot of shitty plastic bags tonight.

But the organizer doesn’t come with enough card dividers to actually break up the card types. I assume because they’ve added several Knights, and they really should each get a divider. They sell just the bit of plywood, but it’s not free shipping on Amazon and it’s already a pretty spendy setup. I’ll probably go for it anyway.

Close to perfect though, otherwise.

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  1. Removable trays make that organizer a must-have, me thinks. I might consider gifting that to my buddy what owns it.

    Do the inserts increase the weight of the box by much? As much as sleeving the cards might, per say?

  2. Paolo Greco if you have a good head for organizing and storage, you absolutely should! I thought the same thing, but when I tried to plan foamcore inserts, I just wasn’t very good at it.

    These guys do a hell of a job not only inside the box, but also minimizing waste on the wood sheets themselves.

  3. Paul Beakley simply curious! I sleeved Dominion and it went from being 5 pounds to something like 30. I can’t put it in the passenger seat of my car or else my Yaris shouts alarms that the passenger hasn’t buckled their seat belt.

    I’ve got weird metrics when it comes to stuff, I know.

  4. A pound isn’t awful in the grand scheme. I wasn’t sure of the quality of the wood (and maybe that was the more apt question) and figured weight was a qualifier for quality. What the hell do I know.

    The Yaris is probably the most sensible thing about me! 😉

  5. Christian Griffen oh dude it feels sooo luxe.

    I must have a thousand crappy little crack baggies scatted throughout my library and now I want them gone. It’d cost me $500 to do them all up but man it’s nice. Clean.

    Adam Day it’s a thin plywood. Kind of peels easily if you’re not careful breaking the bits off the sheet. But the laser cutter burns a really nice dark sheen into the wood, so when you assemble the trays, the light/dark intersections are very attractive. If you’re careful breaking out the bits, or you help it along with a craft knife, it stays nice. I’m guessing it’s something soft like pine.

  6. Update!

    I wrote the Broken Token folks about the fact that the Mage Knight organizer is short a few card dividers, and that it seemed expensive to spend $10 just to get those dividers by buying a whole laser-cut bit of wood with pieces I don’t need. They said they’ve heard this a lot, so next week they’re going to offer additional card dividers by themselves, hopefully at some kind of discount. Stoked!

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