Broken Token Inserts

A few months ago, I was really gung-ho about designing and assembling my own box inserts for big board games. Well…that kind of passed, and I’ve got a pile of uncut black foam core. But man these kits from Broken Token are really nice. Got two for starters: Mage Knight and Eclipse.

9 thoughts on “Bling”

  1. But all that foam core needs a home! I ‘spose you could hoard it away until Iris has a science project…

    Returning to the inserts: did everything fit and sort well with the Mage Knight box? Including the expansions?

  2. Now that I’m looking more closely at how they’ve designed it, they arrange stuff in a way that I don’t really like. I keep all of each character’s shit in their own bag: figure, cards, chits, reference card, all of it. Looks like BT wants me to break everything up. Maybe. Argh.

    I may just be feeling sensitive after the failure of the Eclipse box to hold three expansions worth of stuff.

  3. I have the 7 Wonders and Legendary Encounters inserts. The 7W insert is amazing. I have the base game, all expansions, and all promos for the game and it all fits. I have sixteen wonders in that box. And the Babel tiles. And the leaders. AND IT ALL FITS.

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