Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance

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Well so RPG night fell apart because the school year sucks, and we had to fall back on board games. Had one sad beatdown session of Root (#teammarquise destroyed the birbs), then I remembered the new stuff for Beasts of Balance had arrived yesterday.

I love playing this game with non gamers because it’s colorful, easy, weird and super showy. But it’s also got strong design if you’re an experienced player who pays attention to the math. The expansion added a bunch of new critters but the most interesting bit is that there’s now a PvP mode. The core of this new mode is rfid-embedded cards you scan to the Bluetooth plinth. The effects are real-time and seem to change based on when and how you play them. There are only about 25 effects but man it’s clever. Your all still balancing things on the plinth but now each player runs one element (land, sea or air). And the critters will conform to your element, so like if you’re playing air and choose the Bear artifact, it’ll be a flying bear. Good and fun and never takes too long to play.

I love tablet-enhanced analog games but I’m glad there aren’t too many of them because I’d go broke buying them all.

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