Balancing of Beasts for our first day high score of 71.

Balancing of Beasts for our first day high score of 71. I’m betting we’ll laugh and laugh at that score down the road.

Looks like Beasts of Balance is a good bit more strategic than it appeared. You have to carefully manage your supply of elemental pieces to feed your critters while maintaining close parity among all your critters.

Then there are two Miracle pieces that create new bonus point opportunities. One of them involves touching a rising Sun on the tablet while placing your pieces. The other is touching a moon that repeatedly crosses the screen. Again while placing pieces.

Pretty zany! And there are zillions of Beasts left to discover. Kind of Pokemon-y!

11 thoughts on “Balancing of Beasts for our first day high score of 71.”

  1. The Kickstarter edition might have been more blinged out than retail, but I don’t think so. I had a chance to get the extra bits at a small discount ($15 maybe?) but the retail box looks like the KS box.

    It’s really neat, possibly solveable in terms of working out the absolute best plays, but it still comes down to the dexterity game.

  2. One really irritating thing is that my KS version came with two bonus goodies — the multibeast or something (that’s not quite right) and a playmat (that I haven’t even opened yet). But there’s no way to fit either of those into the main box. That shit drives me crazy.

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