A Study in Emerald

A Study in Emerald

This was my favorite board game last year, of a field comprised of lots of really good boardgames. Wallace is working on a new edition and wow does it look different. Different enough that it almost seems like a different game. 

I wonder if it will still have the loved/hated “lowest-scoring agent dqs her whole team” rule? 


9 thoughts on “A Study in Emerald”

  1. I will say that my faith in Wallace was extremely diminished after Mythotopia. Probably not picking anything else up by him.

    It feels like he’s releasing not-entirely-cooked games and using the audience to finish testing them. I loved ASIE! But obviously he’s taking the new edition in a radically different direction, and that tells me he wasn’t especially solid on the first edition.

  2. I love A Study in Emerald, and as such the new edition is clearly not designed for me. However, I will still check it out. I love how Treefrog has such a good presence at SPIEL, as I can always test Wallace’s new designs there.

  3. Joachim Erdtman, you’re still a traitor. This is how edition wars work: I must be unreasonably angry at you for playing/trying/liking something I have never played/tried myself and I get to feel justified by doing so.

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