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Andrew is a software developer from New Zealand. He was given an AD&D2e starter box in the 90s and has been a fan of RPGs ever since. He is slowly dragging his long time D&D group to indie games. His blog can be found at

Xavid writes software by day, LARPs by night, and TTRPGs only at dawn and twilight. They help run the Greater Boston LARP Society and will be Kickstarting their first full TTRGP, Dreampunk, later in 2021.

Jason Morningstar is Creative Director at Bully Pulpit Games. Best known for his game Fiasco, which earned him his second Diana Jones Award for Gaming Excellence, Jason’s design credits include Grey Ranks, Durance, Night Witches, Ghost Court and many others.

Sarah Doom is the author of the tabletop role playing game Velvet Glove and co-author of Bluebeard’s Bride. She has been designing role playing games with Magpie Games since 2016, and has done freelance work for several role playing games, such as Kids On Bikes, The Baby Bestiary 1 & 2, and Kult: Divinity Lost. You can find her work at as well as Follow her on twitter as @scorchadoom.

Jahmal “Mad Jay” Brown is host of the Diceology podcast, GM-For-Hire at and a freelance writer with credits including PRIME Supers for Cortex Prime, Pathfinder’s Mwangi Expanse and his own By Aecer’s Light for Burning Wheel and Dungeon World. He likes games and stories about outsiders and underdogs. Jay games with his kids and loves his momma but she doesn’t game yet.

Erica Riddick comes to tabletop Role Playing Gaming by way of the gateway drug known as Fiasco. Erica adores improvisation in all its earthly forms, and has done competitive ballroom dancing and improv. Both synthesize into a love of Live Action Role Playing, especially the deep murky emotional ones. Erica likes creative outlets where the end result could not have been achieved alone. When not on stage, she has dipped a toe into playwrighting, trying to break the 6th wall. They’re basically into ALL of this for the love of a good story.