Vaesen: Deep Dive

Can we talk about horror and mysteries in games for a minute? In principle I like both these things, particularly in the media I enjoy. In reality, at the table, they may be the worst gaming topics I’ve ever come across. The evergreen popularity of Call of Cthulthu means this is obviously not a widespread… Continue reading Vaesen: Deep Dive

The Slow, Weird Return To In-Person Play

Now that most of my local players are fully vaccinated, we’re slowly dipping our toes back into in-person play. And it is so weird and fraught. I can’t stop thinking about all the stuff I learned to make roleplaying happen during the pandemic: video play, character keepers, Miro, screen sharing, dice rollers. I’ve developed a… Continue reading The Slow, Weird Return To In-Person Play

What the Rulebook Didn’t Include: Glitch

This is the first in what I hope will be a series featuring folks with deep mastery of their favorite games sharing the techniques they’ve developed that aren’t in the text. Enjoy! -- PB One of my favorite games is Jenna Moran's Glitch. It’s a game about retired world-killing void-gods solving mysteries and forgetting to… Continue reading What the Rulebook Didn’t Include: Glitch