One-Shot Microgames

This is a guest post from Aaron Feild, who has an amazing talent for tracking down one- or two-page one-shot storygames. Print all these out for your go-bag and never be bored at a con again! Hello, my name is Aaron Feild (@turgidbolk1 on twitter if you must), here are some microgame one-shot suggestions. I’ve… Continue reading One-Shot Microgames

My Storygame Bucket List

I got to scratch a big title off my storygame bucket list last weekend. I came to the storygame/indiegame thing late-ish. The first game I'd call "nonconventional" (because I think terms like "storygame" and "indiegame" are invitations to pointless arguments, and "narrativist" drives me into a fury) was Burning Empires in 2006. Loved it, hated… Continue reading My Storygame Bucket List

Pattern Completion and Intermittent Rewards

The greatest gaming lab ever created is the Las Vegas casino industry. That lab's most significant finding is that humans crave two things in games: pattern completion and intermittent rewards. I've been thinking lately about how my favorite games leverage both of those monkey-level impulses. In particular, I've been thinking about how the very best… Continue reading Pattern Completion and Intermittent Rewards

The Perils of Running One-Shots

Several years ago, I wrote an essay about introducing the intensity of one-shot play to your ongoing home campaign/season/whatever. It's a good essay, I still stand behind it, but my good intentions are coming back to bite me in the ass in our new Urban Shadows campaign.A couple bits, for context: First, I'm still coming off… Continue reading The Perils of Running One-Shots

By Aecer’s Light! Back it!

My buddy Jahmal Brown is running his first ever Kickstarter as part of their Zine Quest promotion, an adventure/campaign/culture booklet for Burning Wheel (and Dungeon World, via stretch goal by Johnstone Metzger) called By Aecer's Light! It's a setting, a cultural writeup, and a campaign frame all in one. The cool angle to the whole thing,… Continue reading By Aecer’s Light! Back it!