#OnRampJam Takeaways

I’ve read all 20 submissions to the #onrampjam. Everything submitted was interesting, and the spread of ideas about what roleplaying is is wild. I strongly encourage you to read the submissions when you get a chance. These are my big-picture takeaways after reading everything. Still working on getting Club folks to put their $0.02 in… Continue reading #OnRampJam Takeaways

The #onrampjam Is Over!

We got 20 submissions to the #onrampjam and they're all so different and interesting. I'll be going through them all over the next few days, and I'm hoping to recruit some Club members to participate as well. Go check out the entries for yourself! https://itch.io/jam/onrampjam-igrc/entries

Band of Blades: Room to Breathe

We had our first full session of Band of Blades last night. It turns out war really is hell. First up was our Commander deciding which mission to take on. I had generated three missions in response to the Commander player’s request for recon missions (recon generates a currency called Intel, super useful). The result… Continue reading Band of Blades: Room to Breathe

Band of Blades: Position/Effect Cheat Sheet

After starting our Band of Blades game last week, I realized I needed to get a better explanation of the game's core transaction into my players' hands. So I did up a cheat sheet, which is available here. Position-Effect Cheat Sheet v4Download (Updated to version 0.4 on 8/27/19, 1222 AZ time -- just a couple… Continue reading Band of Blades: Position/Effect Cheat Sheet

The Latest Diceology Episode

My very good friend MadJay Brown has just put out episode 14 of his Diceology podcast. Mostly it's me talking at great length about our ongoing Invisible Sun series here at the Club, but also about expensive games (wait 'til you hear about John Carter), shared suffering (koff koff Burning Wheel), and a whole array… Continue reading The Latest Diceology Episode