Fellowship: Close To Great

What is it about gamers wanting to find their Forever Game? That one game they’re always going to be happiest playing, the pinnacle against which they will compare all future games, the one they think about when they’re playing anything else. We just wrapped up a long, like around 20 sessions long, campaign of Vel… Continue reading Fellowship: Close To Great

Time and Time Again

Time travel is super great and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. In the past. And then they'll never even know they disagreed with me. Bunches of games in the genre reviewed!

What’s Hot In Indie Gaming (Dragonmeet 2021)

Richard Williams of Dragonmeet, a UK-based big gaming con, reached out to me for a submission to his "What's Hot In Indie RPGs" seminar. That con wrapped up last week, so here's what I submitted! Annotated with links where appropriate. The past year has been my necessary, inevitable, unwanted introduction to playing tabletop games online.… Continue reading What’s Hot In Indie Gaming (Dragonmeet 2021)