Next Steps for the Club

Hello readers! I haven't mentioned that I run a Patreon in a while, so let's talk about that for a minute (I promise I won't do this more than once a quarter-or-so). First things first: If you weren't already aware, my Patreon is at And for those of you who do know, you might… Continue reading Next Steps for the Club

Authority vs Credibility

Quick note up front: I wrote this as last month's Patreon-first post, so it's ready to be unlocked for the public this month. I'm holding off on producing new pieces until we've had a good stretch of time to hear from black creators, black designers, black artists, and black players. I'm sure you've read and… Continue reading Authority vs Credibility

Deep Dive: Impulse Drive

Last week I talked about how I’ve finally jumped into the deep end of the online roleplaying pool. The game we’re playing is Adrian Thoen’s Impulse Drive, a Powered by the Apocalypse game in the spacefaring scumbag genre. It’s the first of many games I’ve played that has really captured the kinetic romp I want… Continue reading Deep Dive: Impulse Drive

It’s Only Kinky the First Time

Prior to the stay-at-home orders of the past couple months, I had never played a tabletop RPG online. I blame a combination of fear and snobbery: I already hated seeing myself on screen and hearing myself on podcast recordings, and I didn’t want to have to adapt my beautiful and perfect skillset (ha). It always… Continue reading It’s Only Kinky the First Time