Zinequest: Lifted (and I’m doing a hackbook)

My Diceology buddy MadJay Brown is running a Zinequest project for the next couple-or-so weeks: a superhero setting he calls Lifted: Vault 01. It's pretty rad! The zine will be the setting notes, plus notes on how to run it in Champions Now!, Forge co-founder Ron Edwards' take on the old Champions RPG and how… Continue reading Zinequest: Lifted (and I’m doing a hackbook)

Burning Wheel: Back In The Saddle

I’ve been running a Burning Wheel game for the first time in years, and was reminded that swaths of the indie world might not know about this seminal work. I've written about it a ton, but here's a one-stop overview. (The) Burning Wheel Okay yes, formally it has a "The" in the beginning. Absurdly underpriced… Continue reading Burning Wheel: Back In The Saddle

Blast from the Past: Dragon Storm

I've been clearing out some old boxes in my garage that have been left unopened for, well...decades, now. And I was reminded that Dragon Storm exists. Dragon Storm is a roleplaying game by Susan Van Camp and Mark Harmon (who passed in 2012) and published in a collectible card game format. I picked up one… Continue reading Blast from the Past: Dragon Storm

Worldbuilding and Built Worlds

Part 4 of ? in the Cultivating a Storytelling Mindset series My home group has been playing UFO Press' Shattered City the past several months. It’s a setting-intensive game where the collaborative world-building is a major selling point of the exercise. It’s not exactly in the same vein as Microscope or The Quiet Year: everyone… Continue reading Worldbuilding and Built Worlds