Godbound, Between the Lines

I read an interesting comment on the Club Slack this week (read to the end, there's an announcement) about our ongoing Godbound game. It was along the lines of “I didn’t expect this play out of that game,” in response to a little play report thread I started. I poked at that comment a little.… Continue reading Godbound, Between the Lines

Certain Values of Fun

My current Godbound game has gotten me thinking about games that have taken measures to ensure they’re fun to facilitate. I mean…running games is its own reward, of course. I could speculate as to why: my frustrated creative impulses as a failed novelist are high on my own list, as is the pleasure of hosting… Continue reading Certain Values of Fun

Godbound, Three Sessions In

My Tuesday regulars are going along with my break from storygaming with a run through Godbound, Sine Nomine’s demigod sandbox game. I wrote about starting it up a couple weeks ago. Running it has been pushing completely different buttons in my head: some old and rusty ones, some I didn’t know existed until I started… Continue reading Godbound, Three Sessions In

Godbound and Tradsplaining in the Late Twenty-Teens

Tonight we begin Godbound, an OSR-adjacent sandbox demigod adventure game from Kevin Crawford (Sine Nomine Publishing). It’s been on my try list for several years now, but its OSR-ness sits in stark contrast with what usually gets played here at IGRC World Headquarters. Other than its D&D substrate, though, I’m not persuaded it shares much… Continue reading Godbound and Tradsplaining in the Late Twenty-Teens