It’s Only Kinky the First Time

Prior to the stay-at-home orders of the past couple months, I had never played a tabletop RPG online. I blame a combination of fear and snobbery: I already hated seeing myself on screen and hearing myself on podcast recordings, and I didn’t want to have to adapt my beautiful and perfect skillset (ha). It always… Continue reading It’s Only Kinky the First Time

Prep 2.0

Do you hate prepping your RPGs? I do. Well…I thought I did. Because I have many decades of play in me, I considered prep a necessary evil. Prep is necessary so you don’t have to improvise at the table. Prep as a preventive measure. It was so deeply embedded, so baked into the activity, that… Continue reading Prep 2.0

50 Lessons About Roleplaying

It was my 50th birthday last week, so here are 50 lessons I’ve learned about roleplaying. Some of them might be short lessons! If one of these jumps out as interesting, let me know and I’ll write a longer piece about it. You can’t fix real-world problems between players in your make-believe space.Enthusiasm will paper… Continue reading 50 Lessons About Roleplaying

Push Me, Pull You

Last night we ran our third session of Forbidden Lands. After hewing closely to the game's campaign materials last session (The Hollows, a sample town in the Gamemaster's Guide) and grinding against, well, everything about it, this time I decided to run the game more in the vein of Mutant: Year Zero. That is: zero prep, generate everything on the… Continue reading Push Me, Pull You