We're a couple actual-play sessions into Shattered City, UFO Press’ latest Legacy-derived game, and it's delivering an interesting experience. Rather than blow-by-blow whaddaydo whaddayado play, each session is a vignette. There's a clear opening with an explicit situation, a nice little arc with miss-generated complications, and closure at the end of the session. They feel… Continue reading Vignettes

Deep Dive: Imp of the Perverse

We wrapped up a short run at Nathan Paoletta’s Imp of the Perverse this week. Strap on the air tanks and headlamps, we’re taking a deep dive. Quick Overview Imp of the Perverse is a horror game set in the early America of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s called “Jacksonian” but most of the period (1830-1850)… Continue reading Deep Dive: Imp of the Perverse

Impulse Drive: That’s a Wrap!

My home group finished our season of Impulse Drive this week. We played it entirely via Zoom, character keepers in Google Sheets, for dice, and Pinterest. It was my first successful run at playing a tabletop RPG online. I learned a lot about online play, and I’m looking forward to the next online experience.… Continue reading Impulse Drive: That’s a Wrap!

Invisible Sun, Session 2: A Motivation Sandbox

We played our second session of Invisible Sun last night. It got me thinking about a whole stew of interconnected ideas: holding environment, buy-in, credibility, and incentives. If those things are misaligned, any game’s going to be harder to pull together, keep together, and move forward together. Here’s what I’m talking about when I talk… Continue reading Invisible Sun, Session 2: A Motivation Sandbox