Next Steps for the Club

Hello readers! I haven't mentioned that I run a Patreon in a while, so let's talk about that for a minute (I promise I won't do this more than once a quarter-or-so). First things first: If you weren't already aware, my Patreon is at And for those of you who do know, you might… Continue reading Next Steps for the Club

TTRPG Play Culture: Safety and Consent

Safety first!

There was a recent incident with a streaming tabletop role playing gaming (TTRPG) actual play (AP) show where boundaries were crossed. In the video announcement about the cancellation of the show, they kept referencing how Safety Tools were not in place, and how they will be implementing Safety Tools moving forward. This is indeed a… Continue reading TTRPG Play Culture: Safety and Consent

One-Shot Microgames

This is a guest post from Aaron Feild, who has an amazing talent for tracking down one- or two-page one-shot storygames. Print all these out for your go-bag and never be bored at a con again! Hello, my name is Aaron Feild (@turgidbolk1 on twitter if you must), here are some microgame one-shot suggestions. I’ve… Continue reading One-Shot Microgames